At Bee and Wasp, we do Pest Control the right way!

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Residential Pest Control
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Bamboo Gear

What to Expect at Bee and Wasp

Just like the name implies, we are really good at bees and wasps. In fact, we don’t just do them, we are the best at them.

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What Customers Say About Bee and Wasp

  • “ I can’t believe the difference Bee and Wasp has been. We’ve had two other pest control services that were both under par, but I didn’t recognize it until I signed up with Bee and Wasp. They talk up their service, but they actually do WAY more than they even promised, which is refreshing! I am very impressed! ”

    David H.
  • “ You know how some companies hound on you to leave a review and tell your friends about their product or service? Well Bee and Wasp got my review before they even asked for it! Pest Control is a weird subject to talk about, but I can’t help but tell all my friends about it because they treat me like family. They don’t just do an excellent service, but they do extra things at their own expense to make me as a customer smile 🙂 ”

    Christy R.